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Thank You!

With Applicable tips for use with Dash and Plotly

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Working in Analytics

Why Build Dashboards?

Designing Multi-Page Web Apps using Python

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New to Dash or Python?

How to Visualize and Analyze Data using Pandas and Plotly

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A Life of Games and Data

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Human Image Synthesis

Download all Alpha Strike Cards for the Tabletop Game

Need a New Universe?

Enjoy some wine, modern NLP, simple code, Plotly and Dash

Woman holding a wine glass in each hand, while sipping from the one on the left.
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Creating the Auto-Sommelier

A Quick Lesson in Data Visualization using data from the S&P500

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Tell Stories with your Data

Super Simple Python Examples for Data Engineering Basics

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Starting to Work with Data?

Steps to Create a Website and Paywall using Pure Python

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Software Product Analyst in Data Science. Top writer in Business

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