Hi, I'm Eric. I am the creator of pythondashboards.com and have been blogging for a decade, accumulating millions of views on my articles and websites. Beyond my professional work as a Product Manager in the Data Science space, I am an entrepreneur, technical writer, programmer, finance enthusiast, father and gamer. I have written articles for builtin.com and careerfoundary.com

I love dogs, T.V., Tennis, and skiing. I was an early investor in "meme stocks" and have written several articles about my trading strategies, data science projects, and developing as a leader in the software industry.

I have started several online businesses, some more successful than others, including:

* Beef Jerky review and sales

* Magic: The Gathering advanced card search

* Print to order merchandise

* Python Dashboards

* Ugly Xmas Sweater club NFT collection

* TrippyEggs NFT Collection

* Auto Sommelier: Advanced wine search

* Boss Rigby Coin I appreciate all the support I've gotten over the years here on Medium and through my other social media accounts. Check out the ultimate guide to my Medium articles for a list of what I've written and a link to support me through a membership:

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