I Drank Two Colas A Day for Breakfast for More Energy — & Here’s What Happened

A Tale About Working from Home and Drinking Soda

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I Had to try Something!

Working from home sounded so sweet at first, but as the months have stacked up and the seasons begin to change, I find myself feeling tired and ZOOMed out. I wouldn’t call myself unhealthy, but beyond lifting weights and walking the dog, I tend to eat what I want and sit in front of a computer A LOT.

As I was scrolling through posts with eyes half open one morning, I came across a Medium article titled, “I Drank A Gallon Of Water A Day For Better Skin — & Here’s What Happened” by Maria Del Russo (Maria Del Russo). I thought, “I could do that!” Since I hate coffee and love Coca Cola, I figured I will have a couple for breakfast in hopes I feel energized from all that sugar and caffeine.

Before beginning the experiment I googled, “How much pop should I drink a day?” This is the first result that came up:

…consuming one to two sodas a day can eventually pose some health problems. — https://www.globelifeinsurance.com/

Seeing words like “eventually” and “some” didn’t scare me. I appreciated the sentiment, but figured this short term experiment wouldn’t have many negative impacts on me. After all, I love pop! The media has had it out for sugar and high fructose corn syrup for far too long. I was out to prove that drinking pop every day can make you feel good! It was time to see whether or not 14 sodas could change a life for the better.

Suds in my Tummy

Day one of the experiment, I rolled out of bed with a thirst for the bitter-sweet bubbly. It was approximately 730am and I was feeling groggy. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and began stumbling my way to the fridge. With force, I stabbed my hand into the 24 pack and ripped out a cold can of cola.

The can crackled as I popped the tab, and fizz began to bubble out. I could smell the syrup and it made my mouth to water. I took my first sip of the morning and let out a big sigh of relief.

It went down easy, but I immediately regretted my decision. Suddenly the suds betrayed me and I felt sharp pains in my guts. A burp was brewing. I took another sip thinking it would help.

Again, I felt a sharp pain shortly after. “Perhaps the drink was too cold for my tummy,” I thought. All the sudden I let out a big foamy burp and that helped. I began feeling a bit better. Maybe it isn’t a good idea to drink pop on an empty stomach?

I finished the first can by about 830am and cracked the second. The first sip no longer tasted that refreshing. What was once a bitter and invigorating experience was now overly sweet and disgusting. I chugged on.

Later in the day, my guts did not feel good and I took frequent trips to the bathroom for numbers 1 and 2. I had a lot of heartburn after lunch and felt unusually gassy the rest of the night. Pepcid AC and Tums to the rescue! Nothing was going to interrupt my cola consumption.

By the last day of the week, I wasn’t getting terrible gut pain anymore and I wasn’t feeling as gassy. My guts feel bloated, however. In my opinion, the Pepcid and Tums kept the heartburn at bay, but I think drinking all this sugar made me gain a pound or two over the week.

Was the Soda Worth the Squeeze?

Throughout the week of experimentation, common patterns occurred. If I drank too much pop in the morning on an empty stomach, I’d immediately feel like throwing up. If I didn’t drink it fast enough, it would get all warm and flat! Disgusting.

Ultimately, the goal of feeling more energized was a success! I felt way more jacked with all that caffeine and sugar in my system every day. As an added bonus, I found myself staying up later at night too! Through the power of soda, I could burn the candle at both ends. What’s the worst that could happen?

Although I’d call the experiment a success, there were some negative effects of the consumption… I noticed I clenched my teeth, and that made my jaw sore. It also made me grind my teeth during those few hours of sleep I could get every night. While this might seem like a downside, I bet long-term it will make my jawline look like Stan Smith’s from American Dad! Not really a negative if you ask me, but I can imagine some people not digging the pain.

Final Thoughts

Although it was fun to pound 2 sodas every morning, I think I’ll cut down to 1 can a day. I feel like having too much of something I love will only drive a wedge between us long-term. I cannot let that happen. Without the bitter-sweetness of Coca-Cola, I’d feel lost in the world and left to drink second-tier beverages like juice or tea.

All-in-all… I do not recommend drinking 2 cans of soda for breakfast every day, regardless of how tired you might feel. Instead, try to get more sleep!

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