I don't understand how any fan of the show can come to that conclusion…

Dwight is obsessed with selling paper.

Dwight is the top salesman multiple times throughout the show. He is constantly trying to sell paper, often at awkward times like at the baptism and the Valentine's Day party. In fact, the series begins with Dwight stealing one of Jim's biggest clients. I'm not sure what evidence you have to speak on Dwight's concerns, but I'd say the evidence suggests selling paper is at least of equal concern to Dwight.

Not only that, but there are plenty of notable dangers Dwight could encounter in Scranton, PA as exemplified during the show:

Grizzly Bears/Animals

Scranton Strangler



Drug users

Gangs of kids

Dwight's friends

Of course the danger is exaggerated in his mind, but that is because Dwight's character is an exaggeration.

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