Hey Dennis,

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

There are so many different styles and strategies for trading and investing. They will not all overlap.

Understand that I have 2 ways of looking at the market. Trading and investing.

As an active trader looking for daily opportunity, I would never invest 100% of my money across 10 different trades at the same time. With my trading-style that is asking for trouble, as you pointed out!

In my long investment portfolio, that is a different story. If I'm talking about positions I plan to build and hold over the next 10 years, 1% swings are just dust in the wind. Does that make sense? I build positions in stocks that pay divs. My longs right now include the same stocks I listed in the article from my watch list. I like to invest in those companies and trade their options if they are liquid, like BAC, MSFT... Options enable a lot of strategies, especially if you have stock in the underlying.

Trading for me is very short term and often using options with 1-3 months of time.

Like I say in the disclaimer, I am not a professional... Just a guy that likes making money in the stock market. If your strategy is working for you, stick with what you're doing!

Again, Thanks for reading and great questions! I hope I could clarify.

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