Dash gets complex fast. Although those apps seem complex, they mostly appear that way because they are all in 1 file. Additionally, on the currency price streaming dashboard example, you ask why so many lines of code for a “simple” dashboard... Well, looking under the hood you see it isn’t just a simple dashboard. They include several cool features like financial indicators in the functionality that can be applied to the charts. If the bloated example code is making Dash seem like it isn’t good, check out my approach to creating dash apps using a file structure. That way you’re not looking through hundreds of lines of code to make simple adjustments or find the functions responsible for loading the streaming data. In my next Dash article, I hope to include an example of State and Interval. https://medium.com/swlh/dashboards-in-python-for-beginners-and-everyone-else-using-dash-f0a045a86644

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Software Product Analyst in Data Science. pythondashboards.com Top writer in Business www.linkedin.com/in/erickleppen01/

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