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Hi, I’m Eric! I love creating coding tutorials, blogging about professional development, and inspiring others to check out data science. I typically write four articles a month, so follow me to stay up to date with my content! Below are all my articles categorized by Primary Topic.

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Plotly Dash (Dashboards) (Programming) (Business Intelligence) (Web Development)

I am a huge Dash advocate and run If you’re New to the Dash framework by Plotly, start here! My latest Dash project is …

Super Simple Python Examples for Data Engineering Basics

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Starting to Work with Data?

My love for data started at a young age listening to my parents talk about stocks, but it really took off about 9 years ago when I first discovered SQL. To get better at analyzing data, a few years back I joined a data analysis boot camp, got better at coding, and changed my entire life. Now, I’ve been working on a Data Science team as a Software Product Analyst for almost two years, and I still love data.

In this article, I’ll introduce variables and discuss why you need to understand them for machine learning. By the end you’ll…

Steps to Create a Website and Paywall using Pure Python

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Subscription businesses are a growing part of the economy with no signs of slowing down. Research from Zuora, a company that helps its users set up subscriptions, found that 71% of adults across 12 countries have subscription services. As someone who likes building things from scratch instead of using paid services, I started exploring the PayPal API to see how easy it is to set up a subscription paywall for my websites built using the Dash framework.

In this tutorial I explain how to get started with the PayPal API and build a basic website using Dash that allows people…

How Analyzing Option Order Flow Can Improve Your Trading

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Go with the Flow

With cryptocurrency growing in popularity and stock markets hovering at all-time highs, it feels like everyone and their brother is interested in finance right now. My interest in trading began when I was a kid, and I’ve been trading stocks and options as a pastime for over seven years. I embrace it not only for the adrenaline, but also because I genuinely enjoy analyzing market data. Option Market order flow is a type of market data that I use frequently and see gaining in popularity.

Tips for Defining and Managing Requirements for Development Projects

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I Pivoted My Career

A year and a half ago, I became a software product analyst on a data science team for a company that develops software used by school districts across America. In my role, I assist in the planning and testing of our internal and external analytics tools and products. I also help teams with ad hoc SQL queries for business intelligence. Check out this article if you’re interested in learning more about how I went from Technical Support to Product Analyst.

Produce written content faster than ever…

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Brain Fog or Writers Block?

Although pandemic-related restrictions are lifting, I feel like I’m stuck living in a fog. I am completely convinced my brain has turned to mush over the past year having spent 90% of my time in my home due to the COVID-19 virus. What is there to write about when I’m not having any experiences and every day feels the same? This feeling made me look for tools that could help me continue to produce content even though I feel uninspired and have no motivation to complete anything I start.

I began exploring online writing tools and found that there are…

An Introduction to using and applying OPENJSON in SQL

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JSON is Everywhere!

Understanding how to work with JSON is an important skill to have. JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is one of the most popular data interchange formats. Because of JavaScript’s dominance as today’s most widely used language, questions relating to JSON have overtaken XML, and other popular formats, on Stack Overflow. As long as JavaScript continues to be widely used, this trend will likely continue.

How to use Python and Ally API to Trade Stocks

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Is It Time to Automate?

The stock market is still hot, even after the slight correction in March. According to research done by, retail trader activity has slowed from the peak in January. However, small trader (trades for 10 contracts or fewer) behavior is still more aggressive than it has been in the past 20 years.

How the Internet is Fighting with Wall Street

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2021 Is Getting Wild

The financial soap opera that revolves around GameStop stock has taken the world by storm, even causing some agreement amongst political foes like Donald Trump Jr., Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ted Cruz.

An Introduction to Options and 3 ways to Profit using Them

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Build Your Wealth

Building wealth takes consistency. Sure, you can fast-track your way to riches with some luck, skills, and/or knowledge, but for a lot of us it takes patience, discipline and time. It is often a marathon that takes years to decades to accomplish. In a previous article I share how I began to find consistency trading stocks and options. Although I am certainly not the most brilliant trader, I’ve been chugging along for years, absorbing as much as I can from people and applying the strategies that work for my risk tolerance. …

Software Product Analyst in Data Science. Top writer in Business

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